Happy Valley Spring Home Makeover

We’re giving 1 listener an unforgettable home makeover experience!

Once per week you can sign up for a chance to win a weekly prize of $250!

Then, one lucky winner will take home $5,000 to spend on a home makeover with one or all of our sponsors!!


Sponsored by:

  • Metzler Forest Products Landscape Center
  • Jeff Tate Paving, Inc.
  • Triangle Heating & Cooling
  • Triangle Roofing
  • Bowman Excavation / Paving / Concrete

Contest begins April 22nd!

Music chosen for the kids… BY THE KIDS!!!!

Text “MusicMonday” to 71231, then send in your song request!

Listen to your favorite songs on the way home from school.

  • Baby Shark? We’ll play it!
  • Love Story by Taylor Swift? OF COURSE!!!!!
  • Anything you and your kids can come up with, we will play it

Songs play Mondays from 4:00pm until 4:30pm

Throw it back every day at Noon with some of your favorite classic pop hits!

Weekdays @ 12pm

Kyle asks your favorite radio hosts from across the US four trivia questions. New episodes every Thursday at 8AM

  1. What’s going on today in POP Culture?
  2. Can you Guess That Song?
  3. What movie or TV show is Kyle talking about?
  4. Wildcard category – Guest’s Choice!

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Chatting about the latest movie and tv show news: from box office numbers to casting news and rumors, show cancellations, and more

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