Lauryn Snapp

Zero chill, resting smile face, and belly laughter. 

Music moves me, motivates me, and refuels me. I can’t stop talking about it and thankfully have found a way to turn my passion into my career. 

Listeners know me as the “queen of a good time.” I like to pack a punch with fast music facts, oversharing my life, and telling mediocre dad jokes. I love to laugh and am obsessed with meeting new people, making real friendships, and building lasting connections.

When not chasing down the latest in trending pop culture news, listening to new music, or keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest social media crazes, I am sing-speaking to my dogs, chasing waterfalls, or attempting a makeup or fashion tutorial. 

I am bottom-heavy, but don’t let that fool you. I’m athletic and always have a dance and playlist prepared. Everywhere I go, you will find me “dropping it like it’s hot” – even in the produce aisle at the grocery store. Sorry, not sorry for my HYPE. Let’s connect, laugh, and rally together! Come say hi and join the party!